Ep. 14: The Walk of Faith with Atty. Linda Bond Edwards

Meet child #3 of the Bond family, Attorney Linda Bond Edwards. Entering law school at the exciting age of 35 years old, Linda went through a faith-filled journey that led her to bounce around different corporate positions and move from one city to another.

She believes that the path that God has set out for her is far more perfect than what she could ever plan for herself… and this has guided her throughout a life well-lived.

Hear more about Linda’s story in this 14th episode of 3 Stores, 2 Cotton Gins, 1 Remarkable Life!



In this episode you will also discover:

  • Linda’s journey to law school and beyond
  • The walk of faith and following the Lord’s will
  • A peek into Linda’s law school experience
  • Being selected as one of the “25 Women to Know in Tallahassee”
  • Linda’s life in Tallahassee
  • Why it’s important to take a closer look at yourself
  • Linda’s 2021 Word of the Year
  • Having a stable support system rooted in faith
  • The legacy Linda wants to leave behind


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  • “I think this is the time that the Lord has set aside for me to go to law school. Everything that needed to happen, happened just the way it was supposed to and there was no way I could’ve orchestrated all of it.”
  • “The Lord has an interesting way of putting you in places at the right time.”
  • “If you got the work, you have to respect that work.”
  • “One of the things I learned is to take responsibility for my actions.”
  • “God’s will for me is far more perfect than any that I can think or do on my own.”

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