Ep. 12: Telling the Story of the African-American Methodist Church with Angella P. Current-Felder

Angella P. Current-Felder is an author, a retired executive, and an active Methodist leader and civil rights icon. Born in Detroit, Michigan, she served as the Executive Director of the Office of Loans and Scholarships under the United Methodist Board of Higher Education and Ministry. She also worked as the Executive Director of several other human service organizations as well as the agency liaison for the Africa University Endowment Fund Campaign.

But before all those remarkable feats, Angella P. Current-Felder was a girl who grew up among a family which also made major leaps in their respective paths.

She’s the daughter of the first Methodist African–American woman bishop and a former Deputy Director of the NAAC. She was also a student in Morgan State College—a time in her life where she became more politically involved.

Learn more about her story in this 12th episode of 3 Stores, 2 Cotton Gins, 1 Remarkable Life!


In this episode you will also discover:

  • The story behind Angella’s name and how her early years shaped the woman she is now
  • On being a part of the Methodist Church
  • Being actively involved in her school’s debate team
  • That moment in her life that led to her becoming more politically motivated
  • Learning how to ‘read with a political eye’ during her college years
  • The lessons Angella P. Current-Felder lives by and the legacy she wants to leave to the world


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  • “I think that’s when I really became politically motivated myself, to take action, because I had experienced directly being attacked.”
  • “You have to travel your own spiritual journey.”
  • “All those issues help you learn to walk by faith.”
  • “Life is hard, but the lord didn’t put you here to not make a difference.”

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