Ep 20: From There to Here: A Story of a Passionate Pastor, Loving Husband, and Great Father with Rev. Roger Hopson

Rev. Roger Anthony Hopson has a lot to share when discussing how to get from there to here.

As the oldest in his family, Rev. Hopson talks about how his brother Vincent is his best friend and how they had a blast spending time together, both in school and outside it.

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Ep 19: Love for Family, God, Siblings, and His Cars: A Story of a Happy and Content Little Brother

A Story of a Happy and Content Little Brother this one - Reginald Bond

Being the 7th out of the 8 siblings, and the younger brother of Dr. Cynthia Bond Hopson, Reginald Bond has a lot of wonderful and exciting experiences to share.

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Ep.18: Woman, History, and Legacy: A Story of a Passionate Historian

• Woman, History, and Legacy: A Story of a Passionate Historian

Dr. Dorothy Granberry has a lot to share when talking about getting from there to here. As a middle child with parents who fully supported her education, she was able to overcome any adversities that came her way. Dr. Dorothy has played a key role in bringing history alive and opening the world’s eyes about … Read more

Ep. 17: Making Peace with Life’s Curveballs, with Vincent Hopson

Vincent Hopson is a remarkable member of his household. Born in Savannah, Tennessee, yes, there is one in Tennessee, Vincent has dedicated his life to his family. When things went topsy-turvy, he stood steadfast in the face of adversity—taking life one day at a time. His experiences dealing with an injury at work and then … Read more

Ep. 16: Going far with a love for learning with Dr. Jo Zanice Bond

Dr. Jo Zanice Bond’s love for learning has taken her far. Hailing from Brownsville, TN, she found herself pursuing a Ph. D. and eventually becoming a professor at Tuskegee University. Her life experiences opened her eyes to the importance of persistence, and revealed why ‘elbow grease’ pays off eventually. It also showed her the big … Read more

Ep. 15: How Failing Forward is the True Key to Success with Dr. Norma Jean Bond Burgess

Meet child #1 in the Bond family, Dr. Norma Jean Bond Burgess. She’s someone who has built a fulfilling career in academia and has been a great inspiration to her family and each student and colleague she has interacted with. But what really pushed Dr. Burgess to this point? She reflects on the guiding principles … Read more