EP 28: Living in Your Purpose with Pamela D. Marshall

Living in Your Purpose

Pamela Marshall is an extraordinary woman, who at 19 started anchoring the news on WBBJ Channel 7 in Jackson Tennessee. She went on to excel in many top positions and today she shares her life experiences and shows us how believing in your God-given gift, mixed with forgiveness and empathy can help you become the best version of yourself.

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EP 27: Ida Prewitt Suggs – Making a Difference, Helping and Serving Others

Ida Prewitt Suggs was born in Stanton, Tenn., the second of 11 children, and the eldest daughter. When Ida’s parents couldn’t afford to send her to college, she had to figure out how to make her big dreams come true! In the meantime, she inspired her siblings, and became a woman of influence, a leader … Read more

EP 26: Angela Lee – Making An Impact, Leading, Listening, and Learning

EP 26: Angela Lee - Making An Impact, Leading, Listening, and Learning

Angela Lee is a leader, mentor, and inspirational figure within her community. Having worked for 10 years managing her own AT&T store in Michigan, she moved to Tennessee and is making an impact in the community she spent time in growing up. Inspired by the life of her grandparents, Angela has been a beacon of … Read more

Ep 25: A Songwriter’s Journey to FAME with Steven Dale Jones

Steven Dale Jones is an American multi-award winning songwriter, composer and lyricist. His work has resulted in over 150 cuts and over 20 million records sold by artists including Bonnie Raitt, George Strait, Alabama, Reba McEntire, John Legend, Kenny Rogers, Diamond Rio, and Mindy McCready.

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Ep 24: The Importance of Staying True to Yourself with Travelius “Trell” Harris

Staying True To Yourself

Travelius “Trell” Harris is more than just an engineer. He is a world traveler and founder of the Alita A. Watkins Memorial Scholarship, a nonprofit organization established in 2010 which awards scholarships to deserving graduating students, in memory of his mother. He is also the owner of Annie Lue Estates, a real estate business established in 2013 that provides affordable housing to well over 100+ individuals.

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Ep 20: From There to Here: A Story of a Passionate Pastor, Loving Husband, and Great Father with Rev. Roger Hopson

Rev. Roger Anthony Hopson has a lot to share when discussing how to get from there to here.

As the oldest in his family, Rev. Hopson talks about how his brother Vincent is his best friend and how they had a blast spending time together, both in school and outside it.

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Ep 19: Love for Family, God, Siblings, and His Cars: A Story of a Happy and Content Little Brother

A Story of a Happy and Content Little Brother this one - Reginald Bond

Being the 7th out of the 8 siblings, and the younger brother of Dr. Cynthia Bond Hopson, Reginald Bond has a lot of wonderful and exciting experiences to share.

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