Ep 19: Love for Family, God, Siblings, and His Cars: A Story of a Happy and Content Little Brother

A Story of a Happy and Content Little Brother this one - Reginald Bond

Being the 7th out of the 8 siblings, and the younger brother of Dr. Cynthia Bond Hopson, Reginald Bond has a lot of wonderful and exciting experiences to share.

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We Need Great Questions And Answers

Question and Answers

“Leaders do not need answers. Leaders must have the right questions.”

(Unsure about origin)

You already know I love a good quote. Why bother creating something to say when someone else has already written, spoken, or sung exactly what you were thinking?

I have long believed in the power of a good question. As a professor I taught my students that if they asked the right questions, in many instances an answer might be unnecessary because questions help dispel the notion that you’re stupid and uninformed.

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Here’s A Sign We Can Live With…

Here's a sign

I love a good headline and because I’m a sucker for a great one, I read an article, “Five Signs We All Need on Our Desk,” by Carey Nieuwhof.  Nieuwhof, a pastor and church leadership, change, and parenting guru, said he doesn’t have these signs, but he should.

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Ep.18: Woman, History, and Legacy: A Story of a Passionate Historian

• Woman, History, and Legacy: A Story of a Passionate Historian

Dr. Dorothy Granberry has a lot to share when talking about getting from there to here. As a middle child with parents who fully supported her education, she was able to overcome any adversities that came her way. Dr. Dorothy has played a key role in bringing history alive and opening the world’s eyes about … Read more

Try To Remember The Kind Of September


Let’s be good neighbors, create great neighborhoods

“Try to remember the kind of September, when life was slow and oh so mellow…” lyrics by Harry Schmidt and Tom Jones

I am desperately trying to remember this kind of September but the images, like memories in the corners of my mind, are fading fast and sadly, they’re not being replaced by slow or mellow thoughts. The lyrics from this classic song came to me as I contemplated the remaining days of summer, the beginning of autumn, a rapidly changing landscape driven by chaos and pandemics, and the challenges we face in the waning days of one of my favorite months.

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Can We Talk About Rights And Rights?

talk about rights

Can we talk about rights for a moment? This is not an article about abortion, voting, or masks. I’ll mention them but I’m trying to understand things as today’s conversations get fuzzier and fuzzier.

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To Teach Is To Touch A Life Forever…

To teach is to touch a life

Teachers are superheroes and here’s how I know: they teach us to read, explore, love books and life, be helpful—the list of what they do is long and distinguished. They are some of the most powerful people on earth and that’s a fact. What brought this to mind is my fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Hazel Holt … Read more

Kindness Always Matters


What the world needs now is human kindness, and lots of it I wept this week as I watched news reports about recent flooding in Tennessee, saw the destruction caused by wildfires, earthquakes, and hurricanes, heard the heartbreak of overwhelmed healthcare providers as the number of children hospitalized kept rising from COVID-related illnesses. The pictures … Read more

Behaving Badly Is Bad Business

Bad behavior

I hate to see anybody go down in flames, and yes, that includes New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo. I’ve never met him, but I agreed that his continued reign was a distraction. He comes from a long line of politicians and said that much of what had happened was politically motivated and was due to … Read more

Winning’s Not Just About Medals

Winning’s not just about medals

Extraordinary effort. Over the past 17 days we have seen it in all its glory and like sweet watermelon and a summer breeze, I loved every moment. The 2020 Summer Olympics came to a triumphant close Sunday and while the 113 medals the U.S. won give us bragging rights, what we saw was much more important—sportsmanship, grit, camaraderie, exceptional and first-class effort.

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