EP 31: On Being a Phenomenal Woman with Civil Miller-Watkins

The ability to just show up and do what others have not tried will give you the confidence to break new ground. Civil Miller-Watkins is the Vice-Chair of the Fayette County School board, a mother, grandmother, politician – a phenomenal woman!

Over the years, she has contested for a couple of offices that many black women do not even think about running for. Although she did not win some of the elections, she came out with life lessons that can help empower other people, and black women especially, to shoot for the stars.

Civil is a leader’s leader, a phenomenal exceptional woman who was able to balance family life, work and politics. The gems she has to share will shape your life and help you live a better and more productive one. Listen to this podcast and become empowered to be all that you were created by God to be.

Learn more about his story in this 31st episode of 3 Stores, 2 Cotton Gins, 1 Remarkable Life!


phenomenal woman


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