Cynthia Bond Hopson

Too Many Irons in the Fire: and They’re All Smoking


Do you need a friend? Meet Cynthia Bond Hopson. She’s walked in your shoes and has the bunions to prove it. Her life hasn’t always been easy, but she is dealing with it, praying about it, and laughing at it.

In this little book, as in her popular Bad Hair Days, Rainy Days, and Mondays, she offers a month’s worth of wisdom, advice, and encouragement for women in the form of 31 short daily meditational readings. These include:

  • I’m not fat, I’m filled out
  • Yes, you can have a sandwich without Miracle Whip
  • Dignity―it’s your right
  • Gotta have in-laws so we can have country music
  • It’s a bad habit, but it’s mine
  • Did I matter?

Each reading consists of a quotation, a Scripture reading, the meditation itself, and a closing prayer, all written in a style that is conversational, humorous, and appealing.



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