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EP: 34 Shoe Heels to Heal the Human Spirit with Charisma Cannon

Shoe Heels to Heal the Human Spirit with Charisma Cannon

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EP: 34 Shoe Heels to Heal the Human Spirit with Charisma Cannon

This week’s episode details how one determined woman is helping people return to the path of dignity, stability, and wellbeing — with a new pair of shoes.

Chicago’s Charisma Cannon describes her journey building the non-profit organization Shoe Heals. Drawing on a combination of faith in God, self-confidence, and determination, Charisma partners with organizations around Chicago to serve people in need.

Shoe Heals provides new shoes to the homeless, foster children, recently incarcerated youth, low-income workforce, and many more.

In this episode Charisma talks about:

  • Her inspiration for the non-profit, Shoe Heals
  • Can a new pair of shoes really heal the human spirit?
  • Pivotal moments that brought her to where she is today
  • The mission of Shoe Heals
  • How do I get involved?

Be inspired by her story and learn more about her work, and words of wisdom in this episode of Three Stores, Two Cotton Gins, One Remarkable Life: The Journey from There to Here.

Find out the details by listening to the full 3 Stores, 2 Cotton Gins, 1 Remarkable Life episode on SpotifyStitcher and iTunes.



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