Ep 21: Fourteen-year-old Joshua Trotter Plans to Add Magic to Every Home

From the age of 7, Joshua Trotter has always wanted to become a businessman.

When he was 12, he approached his mother and told her of his dream to become an entrepreneur.

Joshua’s mother Katrecia Miller, gave him some leg work to complete to ensure he was serious about his venture.  After weeks of research, Joshua had an industry he was interested in: candle making. He presented a business name, completed his product research, and calculated start-up costs.

That’s how Magic Wicks was born.

Joshua’s dream of being an entrepreneur is taking him to places far beyond the small town he lives in. Joshua’s ultimate goal is also the Magic Wicks tag line, ‘add a little magic to every home.’ Look out world, Joshua’s on his way!

Website: www.magic-wicks.com



In This Episode:

  • Joshua’s first steps in creating his own business at a young age
  • Turning that goal into reality
  • The importance of family support
  • Market research is vital to the success of his products
  • Creating a successful product is harder than you think
  • Always have a goal

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