Ep 20: From There to Here: A Story of a Passionate Pastor, Loving Husband, and Great Father with Rev. Roger Hopson

Rev. Roger Anthony Hopson has a lot to share when discussing how to get from there to here.

As the oldest in his family, Rev. Hopson talks about how his brother Vincent is his best friend and how they had a blast spending time together, both in school and outside it.

His story proves that even  if a person thinks he has planned his life all out, things  can change in the  blink of an eye .

Listen to Rev. Hopson’s remarkable story about how people and circumstances changed him and his view of life in Episode 20 of 3 Stores, 2 Cotton Gins and 1 Remarkable Life!


In this episode:

  • In this story, Rev. Hopson shares how special his brother was to him as his best friend and partner in crime growing up.
  • Hopson talks about how his experience of joining a gang when he was young changed the rest of his life as it triggered a  move to live  with his grandparents and  how things shifted from there.
  • He reflects on the significance of how meeting a variety of people can change your view of life and the plans you’ve laid out.
  • The importance of having a supportive life partner
  • The lessons that Roger Anthony Hopson lives by and what he hopes his legacy to the world will be.

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  •  “As I started to go, I began to get more immersed in what the church is about and realized how important the church was in my life.”
  •  “That’s the beauty of the world, that we have different opinions. Not to the point that we will hurt somebody, or that we will pick up arms to hurt somebody to get our point across.”
  • “If we are judging a book by the cover, we are missing a lot of good relationships.”
  •  “Have the work ethic where you finish what you started”


1 thought on “Ep 20: From There to Here: A Story of a Passionate Pastor, Loving Husband, and Great Father with Rev. Roger Hopson”

  1. Rev. Roger & Dr. Cynthia Hopson,
    A most impressive interview. His life as a young person is paradigmatic of generations. With the guidance of a caring family a positive change happened. As stated in the documentary Colon in Black & White, “What you start out as is not necessarily what you become.” He received B.S. & M.D. degrees, became a Teacher,
    Pastor, District Superintendent, Executive Assistant to the Bishop,
    Loving Husband & Father and more. A marvelous journey from here to there.


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