Let’s Expand Our Definition Of Resources

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Let’s Expand Our Definition Of Resources

I don’t always think literally, but that’s usually my first stop.   If you ask me to share resources, my first thought is money, and since finances have a beginning and an end, if it’s not urgent or something I’m passionate about, that may end the conversation.

This week, however, I’m joining MacKenzie Scott, Melinda Gates, and some of America’s wealthiest ex-wives in expanding the literal interpretation of “resources.”

No, the Hopsons haven’t struck oil and moved to Beverly (Hills, that is, like television’s Jed Clampett) nor have they invented computers or a new version of Amazon. I’m simply broadening my thinking. America’s wealthiest ex-wives, led by Scott and Gates, are joining forces to make a difference and the Lord knows if money’s the solution, they have it. Fortunately, money isn’t the only solution.

Ms. Scott says they’re sharing their resources. She included a broader definition and I suspect you’ll see yourself in this list, just as I did. She said they want to share time, attention, knowledge, patience, creativity, talent, effort, humor, and compassion. She called her efforts “thoughtful.” I can only imagine what could happen if all of us worked from a “thoughtful” platform today.

Time is one of our most precious commodities but think about the people, places, and things in our immediate area that could benefit from some focused time and attention. I say focused because when we put our full mind, body, and soul to a problem, we are unstoppable.

We could ask the tough questions and grapple with solutions thoughtfully and solve much of what plagues us. We could create a salve and apply it to where it hurts instead of wringing our hands and leaving “stuff” to the next fellow.

If we used our knowledge, compassion, and effort collectively, we could say to state legislators or others who are sitting on rent subsidies and unemployment funds that families desperately need that until they act more compassionately and responsively, the only thing they will be elected to will be Saturday evening reruns of Gunsmoke.

Massive evictions are looming because landlords and renters are suffering in because the funds earmarked for rent relief are being held up at the state level for reasons nobody can explain. As the beginning of the school year looms with COVID variations still lurking, the last thing we need is for hundreds of families to be crowded in other people’s homes and shelters when provisions are available to help. We must use all our resources to move things along.

Creativity is one of those things that most of us have but often forget to use. Take me to Hobby Lobby and I become Martha Stewart — otherwise I’d never think to paint baskets and create my own arrangements. Most of us are creative when we’re inspired.

A young man on the news last week wanted to take his dying mother on a bucket-list trip to the Pyramids and raised enough money to do it by selling Philly-Cheese steak sandwiches and fries from his home. We mustn’t forget the single mom turned Memphis cookie maven Megan Mottley, who baked a few cookies to support her daughter’s mission trip and now bakes cookies full time.

With so many pressing issues tugging at our hearts, we must expand our definition and distribution of resources. After watching the Olympics and the world’s most amazing athletes this past week and seeing their extraordinary efforts to be the greatest,  I am inspired to do more and be more generous with ALL my resources. Please join me and the exes because together we can do more…

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