The News Seems To Be Improving…Thank Goodness

I am relieved that the news seems to be improving. Thankfully there are reports of fewer hospitalizations, widespread vaccinations, significant legislation being passed to help citizens who are suffering the lingering effects of the pandemic, schools reopening, and a return of some sense of normalcy.

I am almost giddy at the prospects of going back to “church” though I must admit going to the dining room table on Sunday and Tuesday to connect via computer has its advantages–no commute time, no long lines at the restaurant for Sunday brunch, and since we’re having lunch at home, the path to my afternoon nap on the sofa is much closer.

Over the past year I have especially missed having lunch with friends and colleagues, hugging people, and seeing my extended family. On the plus side though my gas and credit card bills have decreased because I stay in the house for days on end some weeks, cook more often, rarely go shopping, and enjoy just being instead of so much doing, ripping, and running. Who knew we could exist like this?

I made the decision months ago that I would never go back to the bad old days when every minute had to be filled with something, when I did more meetings than the law allowed, and when busy-ness seemed to be the order of the day.

The experts are predicting by Thanksgiving, if we keep on this trajectory, we will have the worst of the pandemic behind us, however, that’s a big “IF.” With more and more states relaxing their restrictions, it won’t take long for the numbers to see an uptick to scary levels. Yes, we are all suffering from COVID-fatigue but the simple measures we’ve been practicing—wearing a mask, handwashing, social distancing—are still important.

I am happy that my family and I have been vaccinated with no drastic side effects except relief at having received them. Whether that prevents us from getting infected remains to be seen but I pray that we will all consider vaccinations as they become broadly available.

I also hope that we will pray for our leaders and our country because it seems while we were focused on our enemies afar, our internal ones were growing broadly and dangerously.

Last week when extra troops had to be brought in because the capitol police feared for the lives of our representatives, I wondered if I had turned on the wrong news station in the wrong country. I’ve said before that some of the stupid stuff our elected officials do—reading legislation for hours to hold up progress, putting party before the people, etc., — deserves a trip to the woodshed, but please explain how the threat of armed domestic terrorists blowing up stuff is even a topic of conversation in the United States of America?

We are a freedom-loving people. We want justice and fairness, especially for the little guy. We want everyone to have enough to eat, a safe place to sleep, good schools for our children, work that gives us dignity and respect, adequate pay for the work we do. At least we say we do, so why is it so hard to get a majority of us to agree on how to get there and then move forward?

Today we are at the crossroads—will we pull together or will we continue to be divided along party lines? Will we love one another and work for families to be united and strong? Only time will tell but I’m committed to doing my part. How about you?  Share your thoughts with me at #drbondhopson on Twitter and Facebook.

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