Here’s An Opportunity To Celebrate & Serve… Don’t Miss It

I’m always looking for a reason to celebrate, and any excuse will do. Whether it’s National Pie Day and I’m advocating for peach cobbler, pecan, and chocolate pie, or if it’s spouses day and I’m reminding couples to send a mushy card—all I need is a little notice and I’m ready.

Of course, I advocate for serious stuff like health screenings and raising awareness about societal issues, but I have no shame in encouraging strongly and strongly encouraging friends to do things that matter—thus, this week’s call to action.

I didn’t know there was such a thing as National Poll Workers Recruitment, but there is, and I went to the website, entered my address, and said “Count On Me.” I’m asking you to consider doing it too.

Few things in our society are more important than voting, in my humble opinion. As this privilege takes a beating from fake electors, unsubstantiated claims of fraud, and pundit posturing, the sanctity and security of the vote must be protected.

What better way to protect something we deeply value than to put our hearts and souls into it? I’m campaigning for the Hokey Pokey approach. In first grade we learned “…you put your right leg in, you take your right leg out…”  and finally, “…you put your whole self in…and that’s what it’s all about.” Your whole, entire self.

Every election day my mother got up early, packed a potluck dish for her usual crew, and headed to the community center near our home where she stayed until the last vote was delivered to the election commission. She took this no-nonsense civic duty as seriously as she took keeping the eight of us on the straight and narrow path. She loved helping voters cast their ballots and she was clear—this was important.

With a need for more citizens to be involved in the process, here’s an opportunity to matter, to be there to testify that all rules were followed, and there was no monkey business. Being a poll worker is no stroll in the park. It’s work, for sure, but you get to –it is a privilege—to participate in history, to invest in democracy, to indulge in what it means by a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Poll workers must be at least 16, be registered voters if they’re 18 or older, can read and write in English, and not be related to any candidate on the ballot. Further, if you have additional language skills, I suspect you’d be a welcome addition. Poll workers answer questions, give directions, verify information, and make sure everyone has an opportunity to vote. Most states offer a stipend for the required training and day of voting, but amounts vary by location. If you’d rather volunteer your services, that works too.

Early voting is right around the corner and the need for poll workers is great. According to Tennessee Secretary of State, Tre Hargett, poll workers are the heart and soul of elections, and it takes hundreds to keep elections safe and secure. If you’d like to participate, call your local Election Commission and sign up today.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, plan a “Do Whatever the Heck You Want to Do Today” celebration. As people of all ages get sick and die all around us, stop procrastinating and live more intentionally. Have lunch with a friend, patronize a small local business, read your new magazine, watch the morning unfold—whatever strikes your fancy, do it and enjoy every moment!

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