Democracy May Be fragile


Democracy may be fragile, but we aren’t

“If we ever needed the Lord, we sure do need him now, …we need him every day and every hour,” one of my favorite songs, has come across my mind almost daily since November 3. Now would be the time to call on and listen to our God.

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Pay closer attention to your desk, Martin, this week

clean your desk

Almost every week I put “handle desk” on my daily “to do” list; and every week it needs to be there because I ignore it until I can’t find a thing. Monday, January 13, “Clean off your desk day,” rattled me because I didn’t know it existed.

I crave order and my desk is sometimes reflective of that, other times not. Closets, drawers, and shelves don’t stand a chance when Cynthia Ann, the organizer, is around; however, my beautiful rolltop desk at home and my nice oak one at work offer a different challenge. What I have, what I need, and where to find it are almost always at war, so today I’m on a mission to become an official clean-desk person.

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