Ep. 4: Finding your place in the sun – Mrs. Adriane Bond Harris

How are you making an impact? Well, in this episode, we meet someone who’s passionate about contributing to and helping a community.

Episode 4 is where we meet Adriane Chaurice Bond Harris, child number 8, and the youngest of the Bond family. She found purpose and passion in urban planning and spent most of her time helping underserved communities and creating new housing opportunities.

She went through career shifts and took leaps of faith to get to where she is now. Hear her story to get inspired about how charting your own path will pave the way to a purposeful life.


In this episode you will also discover:

  • Adriane’s story on how she arrived where she is now
  • The support she got from her family
  • On marriage and navigating life with a partner and why their children are basically her and her husband’s alter egos
  • Supporting her children in what they want to get into
  • Adriane’s life path and how it pushed her to go beyond her comfort zone
  • Why she was born for and made for her current role
  • Looking back to her successes
  • 3 pivotal moments that changed her path
  • How she went from law to journalism to urban planning
  • The lessons that made Adriane successful
  • The legacy Adriane wants to leave in community building


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  • “My path has certainly been one that has required me to step out on things that I didn’t quite understand or know about.”
  • “Constantly stepping out on faith has been a huge component of my career path.”
  • “I just charted my own path and just went for what I just thought was right in each moment even though people were telling me to go a different way.”
  • “Sometimes the lessons you learn come out when you don’t listen and you follow your own heart, follow your own mind.”
  • “You can’t create your own path without having those people who can lift you up when you need it.”