The path to success may be a rocky, topsy-turvy road, and the life experiences on this journey will be as unique as the souls that habit this world.
Enter the latest podcast guest, William Orlando Bond Sr., better known as Big Bill, child number six of the eight Bond children.  As a retired FedEx executive, he immerses us in his life story and how through some bumps on the road he manages to get from there to here and become a successful professional earning six figures.
This journey that originated in a region between Nigeria and Cameroon in Central Africa, and traveled to the United States by ship to North Carolina, has unexpected twists and turns that result in Big Bill’s wonderful life and his commitment to sharing and giving back to others..

During this inspiring conversation you’re also going to discover:

  • Why determination is so important
  • How, learning to handle the word NO helped Big Bill to achieve his goals
  • The importance of building self-confidence
  • It is imperative to find out the why. ¿Why I do what I do?
  • Leadership solution’s organization created by Big Bill to help others become extraordinary leaders.  Get in touch with Big Bill at:

Find out the details by listening to the full 3 Stores, 2 Cotton Gins, 1 Remarkable Life episode  on Spotify and Stitcher.


Books mentioned:

  • World Class Leadership: Seven Keys to Leadership Excellence.  Author- Big Bill (To be published in October)

Big Bill Bond is a certified speaker, trainer and coach in leadership development. He is a World Class Leader who assists teams and organizations with Leadership & Management Training, Diversity & Inclusion, Culture/Behavioral Change, Teambuilding, Leading Under Pressure, Executive Workshops & Retreats and Keynote Speaking. 

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