Leaving It All on the Field: New Beginnings Great Expectations

You’re at a crossroad and this is your call to celebrate how far you’ve come.
Dr. Bond Hopson’s newest delightful read is a gentle reminder that the best is yet to happen.

About the Book

Leaving It All on the Field: New Beginnings & Great Expectations was written with the intention to inspire readers to move forward with God’s grace. Each page is filled with anecdotes from Dr. Hopson’s life—experiences that will help guide you as you march forward in this crazy adventure called life. This read is more than your usual self-help e-book. It’s Dr. Hopson’s story, your story, and the path that God has prepared. So batter up, have faith, and leave it all on the field.

What's Inside?

  • How your faith in God plays in your day-to-day
  • The lessons you learn and how it leads to a greater path
  • A list of affirmations and day starters for brighter mornings
  • Curated anecdotes and quotes for inspiration
  • Journaling spaces for further reflection

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About Dr. Hopson

Mentor, sister, best-selling author, scholar, truth-teller, public intellectual—all these describe the one and only Dr. Cynthia Bond Hopson. She’s passionate about inspiring women and audiences of all ages, taking them on a journey of self-care, liberation, and discovery.

Furthermore, God blessed her with the calling to share her wisdom through her life experiences… and all of which led to eight insightful books written over the years!

Dr. Bond Hopson and her husband currently live in Cordova, Tennessee. They were blessed with two children, Marcos and Angela, four grandchildren, Kiera, Terrell, Maya and Morgan, and one great-grandson, Avery.

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