Ep. 17: Making Peace with Life’s Curveballs, with Vincent Hopson

Vincent Hopson is a remarkable member of his household. Born in Savannah, Tennessee, yes, there is one in Tennessee, Vincent has dedicated his life to his family. When things went topsy-turvy, he stood steadfast in the face of adversity—taking life one day at a time. His experiences dealing with an injury at work and then with his wife’s onset of dementia made him realize the importance of humility and how pursuing a godly life can make daily struggles less taxing.

Hear more about Vincent Hopson’s life lessons in this 17th episode of 3 Stores, 2 Cotton Gins, 1 Remarkable Life!

In this episode:

  • Leaving Savannah for Chicago and going back
  • How everyone thought he would be a good fit as a teacher
  • Enrolling in college, but realizing teaching wasn’t his calling
  • Getting a job in a nearby paper mill instead of getting a degree
  • His wife, Bertha, being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 6 years ago, and how that changed their lives
  • Finding relief in support groups
  • Allowing Bertha to do whatever she wants
  • Learning constantly about how to care for her
  • Finding peace at yard sales and junk stores with brother, Roger
  • Staying humble and kind
  • Leaving a legacy of a plain old Vince who cared about people and made a difference


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  • Things work out. They don’t always go by the plan, but they work out.
  • My philosophy of life is to always stay humble, to realize that it’s not about me, and always treat people how I want to be treated.
  • Always try to put God first. Sometimes the world can slip between you and God. Sometimes we take our eyes off God for a little bit, but the main thing is to put God first in our lives and things will be all right.

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