OK, Boomer

woman rolling eyes

Whatever baby boomers do, though I technically fall in that category, don’t count me in it. First off, I don’t like labels and Baby Boomers has been one of my least favorites since it made its debut years ago. Secondly, labeling gives folks an opportunity to judge me and my book by the cover without taking time to know who I really am.

My 41-year old daughter said her 12-year-old daughter replied with this “OK Boomer,” term last week. Of course, she had to explain it to me. Younger generations—Millennials, GenXers, etc., use it when older people say things that are old-fashioned, outdated, or judgmental, and an eye roll comes with it for maximum effect.

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Boos, Chants Aren’t the Solution

Boos and chants

Boos, Chants May Make Us Feel Better But Aren’t the Solution

I’m not always up on who’s hot and who’s not but when four-time Grammy winner Drake got booed by an audience Sunday because they were disappointed, he, and not Frank Ocean, was the surprise opening act, I am dumb-founded. Drake, a gifted performer, has been described as “the bestselling rapper of the decade,” and “top selling solo male artist in American history” by entertainment sources, was also taken aback by the crowd’s reaction, but cut his performance short, politely thanked the crowd, and left the stage.

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Perhaps We Should Pray More


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” – Charles Dickens, from A Tale of Two Cities

I planned to end this quote at “it was the worst of times,” but I realized that much of what’s going on these days is foolishness, and wisdom doesn’t seem to be part of the discussion. The late Congressman Elijah Cummings often said “We are better than this,” and dadgummit, it’s high time we started acting like it.

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